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Now there’s also a speedboat for sale where you don’t even have to drive yourself - it’s almost a ‘done for you’ service. This would drastically reduce the time to get to the magical island but it’s expensive, much more so than the flippers, canoe and jet-ski’s and speedboat on it’s own. We are talking about 50 X more than the cost of the flippers. Now there are going to be less people that can afford the speedboat ‘done for you’ service and it will be a very specific market of people who will be in a position to purchase it.

Online education gives you the flexibility to not only decides where and when you study, but also how you study. For instance, if you are someone who can study well in solitude, online education is a great option for you. You can decide on the time and place that is most convenient to you to study, and dedicate it entirely to your program.

* A report from a study shows that 65% of schools that have daily traditional classes also offer online courses, that includes an online university masters degree.

The difficulty lies in the fact that there is no singular user experience which makes the online classroom initially difficult to use. There is a real need for students to learn how the navigation and the experience works and it could take a few days to a week. Online classes have varying layout, organization and the course work may also be different from one course or another.

The only requirement for online education is a computer that has internet connectivity. Apart from that there are no expenses of books, notebooks and other stationery materials in the online degrees. Only registration fee and the tuition fee for each semester is payable. There are no travelling expenses or accommodation expenses that need to be incurred in online education. Therefore getting online degrees from a reputed online university is also economical and highly cost-effective. Professional courses like MBA are in high demand from this kind of education system and are chosen by innumerable people all over the world. It has become evident now that online education and online degrees have become very well accepted by people and organizations unlike in the past.